Sunday, June 20, 2010

one or seven in dog years.

{My "first" baby, Belle, and my son's favorite friend}
I thought I would kick off my first blog post on my first blog with my son's first birthday party. This is also the first time I have ever been so crafty. I never thought I would get so in to the event but once I started searching for ideas online, I saw what other awesome moms (like Amy Locurto and those she highlights on Living Locurto) had done to create a special day for their little ones. I was inspired but I knew I wanted to do most of it myself.

Now what crafty lady doesn't love a theme? I was a little on my own as my one year old can't exactly pipe up and tell me how he'd like to celebrate. So, I went with his first "word" and favorite "toy": dog. It sounds more like "dough dough" but the word's meaning is confirmed with a finger point at the neighbor's terrier or our own mutt. A dog party sounded great. There were endless possibilities though--what kind of dog? What colors? I needed a place to start.

In my online searching, I came across the Web site from Meri Meri and its Woof Woof cupcake kit. Aren't they adorable? At first, I was hoping there would be a matching centerpiece, tableware, and so on like many of the other themes on Meri Meri. Then I realized this is perfect! It gives me the opportunity to use their piece as a starting point and create cool party from there.

And so it began... more to come. Here's a sneak preview of the next post:

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