Wednesday, January 5, 2011

and the cinnamon roll also rises

or at least I hoped it would. Day after New Year's Day I tackled my first batch of cinnamon rolls. Also, my first attempt at using yeast. I used a great recipe from Saint Louis Days and Nights, a cookbook published by the Junior League of Saint Louis. These are the official famous Junior League rolls.

Things I learned...
1) Yeast needs to be refrigerated after opening.
2) A child's bath thermometer will work in a pinch for measuring the temp of water for use with yeast. (Throughly cleaned before hand, of course.)
3) The Pioneer Woman is absolutely right. More butter makes it better. I'll use twice as much next time. 
4) Cinnamon is a super useful spice. One I don't use enough.

{Turtle says, "Too hot."}

{Turtle says, "Just right."}

{Does this look foamy to you?}

{Mixed dough}

{Rise baby, rise.}

{It has risen. I think.}

{Successfully rolled.}

{Pre-butter dip}

{Ready for the oven.}

{The aftermath.}


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