Wednesday, July 28, 2010

hungry happy camper

If my blog had an official cupcake--you know, like the bald eagle is our country's national bird--it would be probably be this Campout Cupcake from The Celebration Shoppe. My favorite aspect is the use of Fiber One cereal for the campfire logs. Creative! This recipe is from last summer but I came across it checking out the shop's blog under campout.

The one-stop-shopping aspect of The Celebration Shoppe is great. A theme, customizable invites, lots of printables, decorations... it is coordinated but in a non-big-box-party-store way.

I think I'll write and suggest the following new tagline for Fiber One: "Cardboard no. Delicious yes. Especially when posing as the fuel for a campout cupcake fire." Too long?

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