Thursday, November 11, 2010

lucky us: fave lucky mag girls are still around

I opened up my latest issue of Lucky magazine and came upon a different editor and missing back page illustrated feature.

The times they have a-changed.

Founders of the magazine, Kim France and Andrea Linnett, are no longer with the glossy. As a subscriber of almost 10 years (can't say I was in on that very first issue), I am sad to see them go BUT excited to find them in new ventures.

{I want to be her! Debut Post: Transitional SoHo Girl}

Linnett launched a new site this week that features a familiar sketch--one of herself drawn by childhood friend and designer of Martin Clothes Anne Johnston Albert. I want to be her! is an ode to stylish women--those on the street or ones Linett imagines. The details of the styling are described as captions to the illustrated lady and of course, there is a shopping guide to use in outfitting yourself. 

An article in Slate by France posted Monday gave a look at beauty products worth shelling out cash for (now that they are no longer gratis for her). I love the wit and candor of France's recs. On mascara: "it's not necessary to spend serious cash in this category. You really can find everything you need at the drugstore." And, "I require makeup that takes no serious skill or patience to apply." Amen sister.

Hope that the new ventures are exciting--we'll be reading!

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