Thursday, August 19, 2010

diy: car tracks shirt

Easy DIY project for a little boy (or tough girl) in your life. Car track shirt or onesie!

What you need:
-fabric paint 
-pre-washed ironed shirt
-scrap material for testing
-various cars with good tire track tires
-pan/dish for paint

{the goods}

What to do:
1) Gather materials.
2) Pour fabric paint into pan or dish.

{'nuff said}

3) Roll car wheels through paint. Test on scrap material by "driving car" over fabric for desired effect.
--NOTE: I found that lifting the back or front of the car so only one set of wheels touched the fabric worked best. My car was a Hot Wheel, 89 cents at Target, but a bigger car or truck would be awesome. Just experiment!

{no need for a license, just drive!}

4) Once you have worked out your "kinks," apply car tracks to shirt in random "skid" designs.

{learner's permit?}

{ta da!}

This would be a great project for a little one to do, if he or she is coordinated enough. My guy is too little at 14 months but see what you think!

I only had black paint but brown would be fun on a colored shirt for a good muddy look.

Post or email (} a picture if you try it out. Enjoy!

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