Thursday, August 5, 2010

show me some young house love

My basement is totally hideous. In Googling a solution for wood paneling I came across, Young House Love's post on the project and a plethora of "How-To's" I could implement (in my spare time). Here's their example of the project:

{Before - How-to wood paneling on Young House Love}

{After - wood paneling from Young House Love}

I love their site. I'm having my own young love affair with it. The photography is great. The guides look easy to implement. "House Crashing," a section that explores other's fabulous homes, is fun. I especially love their Design Advice service of $250 for a "review of your photos and any parameters you’ve set (paint color can’t change, table must stay) and within one short week we'll send you a mood board chock full of simple yet stunning design solutions to get the ball rolling and help you see your room in a whole new way."

Their site has inspired me to make some changes because of the aforementioned paneling and other scary items I don't even want to mention (barrel bar, cedar shake shingles, oh my!).

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