Tuesday, August 10, 2010

let's get organized, organized!

My craft area is in dire need of some cleaning/organization. Since I started my Etsy shop, it has become a disaster area. A crafting twister has come through and tossed bits of fabric, thread, Steam-a-Seam and paper about everywhere.

I need some inspiration:

1) Here's what I love about Martha. Not only does she have an "Organization" section on her Web site--she has "100 Easy Organizers."

{Craft cupboard from Martha Stewart}

2) There's never a time I don't look to Target for some help. itso, a storage and organization line, has a cool "builder" on Target's Web site that allows you to plan your space with their system including colors of your room, flooring and their materials.

3) May I have this office please?

{Bedford Corner Desk Set by Pottery Barn}

4) Feeling ambitious? Make a project table yourself.

{Do-it-yourself plans from Knock-off Wood}

Or, make 107 storage/organization pieces yourself. Knock-off Wood is crazy cool!

You know you have too many projects on your plate when a project includes a "project table."

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